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  • 17Apr

    新冠疫情后复工复产, 从上海看大马企业如何未雨绸缪

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    中国抗疫有了阶段性成效后,上海与各个城市复工复产。然而,复⼯复产后,社会运⾏秩序起了什么变化?上海企业面临怎么样的经济冲击和新的社会发展挑战?让我们从法律角度剖析上海各个企业复工复产后所面临的困难和挑战,以让大马企业更好地准备《行动管制令》后的营运压力。 在这个环节中,我们将与您分享: 1)上海各⼤企业在复⼯复产后所⾯临的实际挑战; 2)上海法律如何帮助复⼯复产后的企业; 3)⻢来西亚的法律如何帮助企业⾯对《⾏动管制令》后的营运压⼒。  讲解人: 颜康益律师 l 卢少杰律师 l 江美仪律师   20.4.2020 (星期一) l 3pm – 4pm   有兴趣者,请在18.4.2020 前电邮⾄
  • 29May

    Salary Dispute on AiFM 89.3

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    Our partner, Mr. Gan Khong Aik, was invited to speak on AiFM 89.3 programme, Legal Talk to discuss “Salary Dispute”. Watch to find out more on the legal aspects and ideas to solve disputes. 
  • 11Mar

    New Partner Announcement

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    Gan Partnership is proud to announce that Mr. Effendy Othman and Ms. Sabarina Samadi have joined the firm as Partners. Welcome aboard!
  • 8Feb

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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    Gan Partnership wishes everyone and Happy Lunar New Year. GONG XI FA CAI! 恭喜发财!
  • 8Dec

    International Arbitration Conference 2018.

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    We are proud to announce that Gan Partnership was one of the platinum sponsors for the International Arbitration Conference 2018 held on 6th and 7th December 2018. Our Foo Joon Liang was also one of...

    Speech on CIPAA in Construction Dispute Resolution

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    On 2 November 2018, Gan Partnership, alongside Legal Plus Sdn Bhd, The Hounourable Society of Lincolns Inn Alumni Association Malaysia, Sabah Law Society, Messrs. Grace Chaw & Co. co-organized the the CIPAA Construction Dispute Resolution Construction...

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